Chicago Arab Americans


Chicago’s Arab American community demands attention and care as it is undeniably continuing to grow. With a growing Arab American population, there are those who are in need of a helping hand, whether it be in terms of social services, or otherwise. Today, the Arab American Action Network’s mission is to stregthen the Arab American community in Chicago socially, economically and politically.

The AAAN works on strengthening the Arab American community by offering different programs to its community. The AAAN offers programs such as Arabic chat, Social Services, Domestic Violence program, Youth programs, Arab Women’s Committee, and so much more. These programs help on a variety of levels whether it is financially helping families recieving benefits or helping raise domestic violence prevention as well as intervention. The AAAN also recognizes the Chicago’s Arab American youth by paying taking the time into organizing youth programs. Some of these programs include encouraging self expression, learning about current Arabic events that effect their daily lives, and even after school programs. Tending to the needs of the Arab families in Chicago, the AAAN’s goal is also raising awareness about current issues in the Arab World as well. Members of the AAAN make public appearances providing presentations about the Arab Culture, as well as everything regarding the Arab World, today.

The Arabic chat room provided a place where Arab American chat and talk about current events. Arab chat has helped arabs make friends and socialize.

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