Benefits from Arabic and a chat room!


Arabic language can be hard to learn at the begining. It sounds different that English but once you start getting used to Arabic you will find it more expressive in many ways. Arab people chat in different accents which makes you think that Arabic is complicated, it is not. Simply by having some Arab friends and having a chat with them once a while will make your ears more familiar with the way Arab people pronounce the Arabic words. In Syria and Lebanon their accent is called Laventine. Arab says it is a smooth accent. My first language was American English but later on in High school i had several Arab friends that were cool friends. They made me want to learn Arabic because I felt close to them in many ways. I started picking up Arabic words from them and by the time I got to college I took Arabic classes.

My teacher was Arab American. She loved to teach Arabic and made me chat in Arabic with her daily to practice my speech. I even Learned to chat in Lebanese accent, as she would chat with me some times in this arabic accent.After spending 4 years in college, taking Arabic classes, I started being fluent. I would do Arabic chat with ease with Arab people. Being able to chat in Arabic gave me self confidence. I started looking for a job in the Arab world. It was not easy. In 2005 i started looking for an Arabic chat room online so I can connect with Arab people and chat,hoping i will be able to chat with some Arab business man that will offer me a job. I would log on every day to the Arab chat and pick some Arab to chat with. It was interesting the different Arab nationalities that came to chat. I have talked to many Arab friends in the chat room from different countries, many were Arab Americans. I made chat friends from Syria, lebanon, Australia, USA, Canada, Egypt, Jordan and UK.

In 2006, in the Arabic chat room, I was lucky enough to chat with an Arab from Dubai who owns a company. I explained to him in the chat that i was looking for a friend to help me in finding a job in the Arab world and that I speak Arabic as a second Language. He did not take me seriously as it was only a chat room. I asked him if he would like to voice chat with me in Arabic or English. At first he hesitated, then when i showed him that I;m real and very interested he agreed. I was nervous at the begining but he started chatting with me in Arabic then he called my massenger. I answered his call and we started talking in Arabic through the Arabic voice chat site. He was very nice and professional and was impressed with my Arabic and being able to text chat in the Arabic. He mentioned that I should have no problem being able to clearly communicate in the Arab world.

I left to Dubai in November of 2006. I left Chicago to go work in Dubai. Untill now I think how great it was to chat in the Arabic chat room. If it wasn’t for the Arab chat, I wouldnt be here in Dubai today.who would think that a Chat with Arabic friend would benefit me that much.

Chat can be bad and a time waste, but chat can be also good, take for example what happened with me by chatting in the Arabic chat room. I was lucky. If i had to go back, I would still chat again and make more Arabic friends from all over the world, who knows, I might get lucky again. Now I chat every week once in the Arabic chat room as my time is tight because of work.I made many Arab friends, by using the chat room and in real life in the Arab world.

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