Arab chat


Without a doubt, Arab Americans from all over the nation, all have one common goal and that is reaching success. Recently, Arab American Chat shot their first commerical, shot by Arab American. Within the Arabic  chat room, visitors can listen to arabic music, chat, do a voice chat or watch youtube videos; informing other Arab about the Arabic chat and urging them to sign up. The commercial was shot in the hopes of uniting not only Arab American  but people of all ethnicities who are interested to join the Arab chat

Don’t let the name fool you, the Arab American chat is by no means limited to Arab American . Arab American chat is a company created for people to chat of all ethnicities to join and network in the hopes of reaching their goal of success in making friends. Within the Arabic chat, Arabs make up only 40% of the chat room, while chatters of other ethnic backgrounds make up the other 60%. Regardless of what ethnic background an Arab chat member is, the sole purpose of the Arabic chat room is to come together as one group and help Arabs and non Arabs reach their goal of making friends, as creator of states


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